Kamila De Los Santos
Caribbean Escape
Caribbean Escape was created to allow travelers to the Dominican Republic to gain an appreciation of the land, and support the local economy through cultural experiences. It displays a unique side of the island that most people do not know about. Explore outside of the beaches and resorts and see what you can find in the Dominican Republic.
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Artist/Thesis Statement
The main reason I created Caribbean Escape was to expand people's knowledge of a well-known country in the Caribbean. The majority of the time, people will book their vacation in the Dominican Republic, especially in Puerto Plata or Punta Cana. There is nothing wrong with going to the beach, but there is a whole country that could be explored as well. The Dominican Republic has so much to offer and so many hidden gems that deserved to be seen by the rest of the world.
As a Dominican, I always have a great time outside of the beaches. I typically travel to the center of the country where my family lives, which is sometimes a journey to get there, but it is a beautiful journey. I get to see so much natural beauty and people just living their lives. I know people may be scared to travel outside of the resorts, but that is why I created Caribbean Escape. We are here to navigate your trip and guide you to the best places a tourist can visit.
We have created a series of itineraries that cater to different personalities. The itineraries are customized for foodies, historians, adventurers, botanists, and religious people. Almost anyone can relate to one of these personas and explore a specific side of the Dominican Republic. You can also customize what you want for your itinerary because it is up to you how you want to explore. The website has a quiz where you can find out what persona fits you the best. Plus, there is an interactive map that displays where certain places are that can not always be found on a normal map. Besides the website, I have created a mobile app that people can use on the go while traveling. We want to make it convenient for you to know where you are without being lost.
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