Mackenzie Cullen
My senior project is named Conscious ReCreation and it is a mental health campaign that strives to help people with their own mental health by encouraging people to use their creative talents. By using things like music, art, dance, or other means, people can relieve some of their mental health issues. It is not a cure all, but for a lot of people it can really help.
Artist/Thesis Statement

Conscious ReCreation is a mental health campaign with a focus on using creative outlets like music, art and dance to benefit one’s mental health. Like most people, I started having mental health issues when I was in high school. Since then, I have dealt with these issues every single day. I have only suffered depression and anxiety, but mental health is made up of so much more than that, and affects so many people. Many of these people are young adults.  A way to deal with my own symptoms is by listening to music and making art. I go to a lot of concerts as well, and have met so many people with the same problems I had. We all had a thing in common. Things like music, art and dancing helped us push past our mental health issues, and made us feel a whole lot better.
By expressing oneself creatively, it allows you to relieve your feelings in a positive, fun and productive way. Conscious ReCreation aims to make others aware of the effects mental health has on a person, and of the amazing effects creativity has on a person’s mind. The campaign itself lives in the form of informational posters, a magazine, a call to action video, and a mental health awareness instagram account. Conscious ReCreation intends to spread awareness, and help people. 

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