Brianna LaPorta
Breaking the Mold
Breaking the Mold is a social campaign that promotes body positivity and self–love among individuals in order to eradicate societal standards that have been deemed acceptable. The ultimate goal is to show that not one kind of individual is beautiful but that everyone is beautiful!
Artist/Thesis Statement
Ever since the beginning, society has dictated what the ideal person should look like. All the way back to the paleolithic era, society deemed women with thicker hips and waist as acceptable. Over time, trends changed and new trends have arisen causing people to conform to a standard that may or may not match their individual body type. However, we weren’t all meant to look the same.
Breaking the Mold is defined as putting an end to a restrictive pattern of events or behavior by doing things in a markedly different way and that is exactly what we do. Our mission is to end that feeling of having to change yourself and instead, accepting yourself for who you are. On our website, we provide resources to help people on their body positive journeys as well as host a forums community where people can connect and talk about different topics or ask questions. With our social media platform, we provide a place of positivity with body positive reminders and prompts to enforce change. We even share stories to show that everyone in some way deals with body image and that no one is alone. As someone who has struggled with body image most of my life, it is important to realize you are worth more than a size or a trend. Each one of us was made to look unique and we should embrace it.
Process Book

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