Make Something serves as a prompt generator and inspiration for designers and artists who are struggling with artist's block or cannot find a way to start a project.
Artist/Thesis Statement

Designers often struggle with inspiration and motivation, we feel weighed down and unable to move forward, Make Something is designed to help them with that. I ran into this problem myself working on this project. I was stuck and did not know where to go with the work I had. I started to make random pieces hoping it would get me some-where when realized that I could take the problem I was facing and turn it into the fo-cus of my project and document my journey out of the rut. 
Make Something is a project focused around being in a rut, and is designed to inspire other designers who are experiencing a creative block. This project takes form in a series of posters, a website with a random word generator to use for prompts, as well as gives examples of creative prompts and shows the responses to those prompts, an Instagram page and a book of all the prompts I have completed. 

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