Alexander Sirois
Modish Mythos
Modish Mythos, an artistic project that masterfully employs 3D modeling and digital sculpting to create captivating characters full of emotion and narrative depth. Drawing inspiration from classic pinup style and talented artists like Dzung Phung Dinh and Carl Gonzalez, the project features surreal and visceral scenes that showcase stunning character design and dynamic posing. Through a blend of sensuality, mythology, and artistry, Modish Mythos delivers a visually striking collection that is sure to captivate.

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Artist/Thesis Statement
Alexander Sirois is the mastermind behind Modish Mythos, a captivating project that brings characters inspired by mythology and folklore to life through innovative 3D modeling and digital sculpting techniques. Each character is carefully crafted to evoke specific emotions and narrative elements, resulting in a collection that is both beautiful and meaningful.
Drawing inspiration from talented artists such as Dzung Phung Dinh, Carl Gonzalez, Mark Lambert, Lysol-Jones, and KyuYong Eom, Alexander focuses on creating stunning visual renderings that highlight character design and dynamic posing. His expertise in 3D modeling and digital sculpting allows him to produce unique and individualized 3D creations.
Alexander's dedication and passion are unwavering, and he is committed to exploring diverse methodologies and techniques. He specializes in creating immersive game art and cinematic experiences that display his characters' adaptability, unlocking their full potential for storytelling. He takes pride in each project he undertakes, working tirelessly to perfect the virtual representation of his artwork.
Throughout his creative journey, Alexander has been supported by his peers and mentors, who provide him with constructive critiques, insightful feedback, and an abundance of encouragement, inspiring him to continue his path towards success.

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