Eden Gonzalez
Bright Future​​​​​​​
I make paintings and drawings with a collage element. I like bright and saturated colors to build fantasy worlds for characters to find each other and interact. The works themselves serve as metaphors for found family. My process for the project was to focus on what makes painting fun and freeing for me. Mixed media plays a crucial role for what my vision was for the project.
Artist/Thesis Statement
I make paintings about Togetherness and Found Family coming from all walks of life. The paintings and drawings serve as a metaphor for bringing my desires for healthy relationship building into fruition. I begin with thumbnails and smaller sketches then proceed to transition towards heavy paper and canvas where changes and adjustments happen. I like how bright and bold the colors are and how they interact with each other in the composition. The choice of adding color aid paper to all of my pieces plays into the idea that people from all walks of life can find kinship with each other. Even when life becomes muted and restrained, they have the support from one another. I receive a great sense of joy from the physical act of creating art; from the mixing of painting and to the final details. Every brush stroke has an intuitive approach whilst the collage on top reconstructs how the viewer looks at the image. I hope people get excited about the aesthetic of my art and enjoy the bright and bold world that I am creating through my sense of play.

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