Giselle Harb
Pursuit & Rescue
Ep. 1 Teaser​​​​​​​
Pursuit & Rescue Ep. 1 Teaser is a 2D hand-drawn animated teaser that showcases the first episode of an original series created by Giselle Harb. This series follows a young woman, Maisie Evans, on a relentless mission to rescue her kidnapped sister from a heinous trafficking ring. Maisie must track down the malicious leader ‘The Collector’ to retrieve her sister. Will Maisie able to rescue her sister in time? Stay tuned for the first episode of Pursuit & Rescue!
Artist/Thesis Statement
This teaser showcases the first episode of the action-drama series, Pursuit & Rescue, which is an original story by Giselle Harb. In the beginning of the story we meet Maisie Evans, a 24 year old woman who is highly intelligent and strong but also has a soft side. She navigates an advanced modern era of 2040 on a relentless mission to rescue her kidnapped sister Faye from the clutches of a heinous online trafficking ring. With her deceptive appearance, hacking genius, and combat skills, Maisie poses as a young girl to lure predators into meetings. Extracting vital information to unveil the identity of the malicious leader named The Collector who is responsible for the abduction of Faye and other young girls. Maisie is on a dangerous mission to retrieve her young naive sister before she is lost forever. Maisie must grapple with the guilt over failing to protect Faye while trying to maintain her mental stability. 
Giselle Harb created this 2D teaser on Procreate Dreams and worked relentlessly to create a thrilling story that brings light to a very difficult topic, child sex trafficking, in which NCMEC (National Center for Missing & Exploited Children) received more than 17,200 reports in the US in 2021. As difficult and taboo this topic is to be featured in an animated series, Giselle wanted to bring awareness to these types of topic so that it will shock her audience and open people’s eyes to the humanitarian and environmental issues of this world. Giselle also is determined to feature strong female characters within her stories since many stories do not. 

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