iotha Durham
Cosmetic Symptoms
This body of work is an exploration of various mediums, and how each medium impacts the work. Each element plays a role in creating the intense environment I am trying to simulate. What you can hear, read and see while watching, implicates the Viewers predispositions.  
Artist/Thesis Statement

I generate my work by experimenting with various materials, mediums, and concepts. Creating 2D paintings, drawings, prints, collage, and 3D objects I am producing work in response to myself as a human with a black female body. 
The black female body, in its multiplex ties in love, hate, misuse, disregard, fetishization, mis and under representation. It’s fluctuating relationships to society, institutionalization, marginalization, systematic oppression, the male gaze, rape culture, pop culture, black culture, hip-hop culture, politics, medicine, motherhood, sexuality, liberation, self-love, origin, colorism, racism, sexism, and so many more of them collide experientially across disciplines for me and other black women continually. As each element orbits me and my life daily, my work is heavily influenced by trauma and truth in experience. 
I am utilizing my identity and experience as a human with a black female body as a representation for all of the other black female bodies. I am hoping to use my platform as an opportunity to encourage cross-cultural competence and enlighten those who are blind to the realities. Often, we are only seen through the lens of our gender and our race, which both still carry the weight of negative connotations. I wish to highlight and change the world’s understanding of the black women’s experience through my art.

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