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Alecia Connolly
With Purpose
With Purpose is an online community and lifestyle brand that empowers young professionals to apply their passions and skillsets to a meaningful career path. Through our plethora of online resources, social media engagement, and branded products for use in everyday life, we hope to foster a culture of motivated, service-oriented individuals. 
Artist/Thesis Statement

The realization that the work I loved and the causes I was passionate about could be combined in a professional occupation completely reshaped my approach to my education, my future career goals, and even my perception of myself. When I started college as a graphic design student I felt torn between two halves of myself. On one hand, I was extremely passionate about design, but on the other, I had always felt drawn to philanthropic work. Before college, my understanding of both service-driven occupations and careers in design were very narrow – and in my mind I couldn’t have both. 
It wasn’t until my third year of college that I began recognizing that design has applications beyond retail and advertising. Fortune 500 companies need designers, but so do nonprofit organizations, philanthropic startups, and educational institutions. Finding the intersection of the work I enjoyed and the values I was was passionate about unified these motivations and provided me with a clarity and confidence in moving forward that I didn’t have previously.

With Purpose is a lifestyle brand that equips individuals with the wisdom to identify their intrinsic motivations, the confidence to embrace their holistic identity, the open mind to seek new opportunities, and the compassionate heart to utilize this knowledge to positively impact those around them. Lifestyle brands are not just about their products, they are a means of bringing together individuals who share the same values and goals in order to generate a community founded on those ideals. Products distributed under the With Purpose name are a tangible reminder of its mission of intentional and service-oriented living. The brand’s social media presence integrates meaningful content into its followers’ daily routine in order to remain prevalent in their minds. Online content includes a collection of real individuals pursuing service-oriented careers, a library of educational materials that have been curated to guide self-reflection, and a listing of opportunities for members to start putting their knowledge into action. Through these initiatives, With Purpose aims to foster a culture of intentional living and servant leadership in the next generation of professionals. 

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