Liz Fitzpatrick
La Mesa​​​​​​​
I love cooking and the idea of designing a restaurant, and my Abuelita is Peruvian. What if it was more than just fine dining — what if the customer could feel like they were really there? What if we could use technology, art and music to immerse the customers in Peru, each dish a different place. I went with this, but with a little extra. I decided to make it an event. A Peruvian food festival, and the dining immersion would be an experience at this food festival.
Artist/Thesis Statement
Eating is an experience, a time for connections and family. Food is a window into a culture, a way into feeling, tasting and smelling somewhere, even if you have never been there. Implanted from the Incas thousands of years ago, to the Spaniards who came to Peru in the 16th century, history is written all over the food of Peru. Unfortunately, finding true Peruvian food in Massachusetts is not easy. 
My project introduces an event where everyone and anyone can experience Peruvian food and culture. La Mesa is a Peruvian food festival, filled with many restaurants and business from Peru and from the local area. Not only will restaurants share a taste of their menu, but there will also be music artists playing on various stages throughout the whole event. Other highlights include an art gallery where Peruvian artist can showcase their work and sell it. Lastly, there will be an Experience: A place with a 360-degree display that immerses you into the cities of Peru while enjoying a five-star set menu, taking you from place to place in Peru through each dish. The sounds and display match the place where the food is from. It’s like a 4D experience: an event to redefine the way people experience food festivals and showing Massachusetts what Peru has to offer.

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