Keegan White
Eco Exist
We very rarely see news about endangered animals on TV or in the media. Unless someone is specifically seeking out information on particular animals, there isn’t much exposure for people to learn what is happening and how they can help. Eco Exist aims to make information about these animals and what we can do to help more accessible and available for everyone.
Artist/Thesis Statement

When I was younger I remember watching Animal Planet for hours. I have also loved animals and found nature incredible. Since then I have always looked into different animals and the struggles they face in the wild. Going to zoos and aquariums growing up peaked my interest in many different kinds of animals. I have always sympathized with endangered species and wished there was more I could do despite living so far away from many of them. To help spread awareness and education of many of these animals I started this project, Eco Exist. As an adult, I’ve noticed that there isn’t much news about these animals and it is sort of ignored in the media. Education and awareness about them does not extend much outside of zoos or aquariums making it harder for people to find information about some animals. One of my main goals is to teach others about these animals. What animals are endangered, how they become endangered and what we can do to help their dwindling populations.
A quote from Steve Irwin that has inspired this project reads “we don’t own the planet, we belong to it. And we must share it with our wildlife”. With this quote, I aim to throw blame at humans for the changes we have made in these animal’s lives and have chosen to focus on small things we can do throughout our daily lives to help the animals and the planet where we all belong. Objects such as using reusable straws, bags and cups, carpooling or reducing driving, and recycling are simple tasks we can do every day to make our planet, and wildlife healthier. Through interactive pieces, such as word based decision games and posters that open, my goal is to make the viewer sympathize or feel bad and almost guilt them into making these changes in their lives to benefit our planet as a whole.

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