Celso Spina
Angel is an AI version of you. A coded copy of your consciousness that lives on all of your devices and operates as your personal assistant. Your Angel knows everything you know in real time and possesses all of your cognitive capabilities. It can think, act, and perform tasks exactly the way you would, but in the digital realm. You can think of it as Siri, except if Siri was you.
Artist/Thesis Statement
AI (artificial intelligence is advancing at a staggering rate, and becoming more and more integrated into our day to day lives; facilitating and automating tasks, and increasing our overall efficiency and productivity as a species. As artificial intelligence integrates itself further and further into our lives it has become a defining factor in how we interact with and navigate our world. Angel is a speculative design project that explores the possibilities of a biologically integrated AI system used as a hyper-productivity tool. It is unapologetic in its idealism, driving a discussion around the ethics and potential of AI technology moving forward.
Imagine if you could create a digital clone of yourself and have it work as your personal assistant. How would you utilize it? What would the possibilities be? Would you have it hack away at your to do list? Would you trust that it would perform all your tasks exactly the way you would? If the outcome was undesirable would it be your fault? Or your Angel’s fault? If your Angel really is a fully functioning consciousness is it even ethical to have it chained to your every command?
Regardless of where you stand on the topic of simulated consciousness, this technology would make us truly capable of multitasking; ushering us to a higher level of processing and applying information. Blurring the lines between human and AI performance.

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