Kyleigh Dowling
Stolen Gemz​​​​​​​
Stolen Gemz is a 2D animation movie trailer with motion graphics. In the City of Jewels, A band of thieves has come together. A humorous bird named Jasper, a sassy cat named Ruby, and a sneaky little rat named Finn, set out on an unforgettable and thrilling adventure. They aim to capture all the jewels and gems they possibly can around the City of Jewels. Hopefully they don’t get caught!
Artist/Thesis Statement
The work, “Stolen Gemz”, explores creative storytelling taking place in a 2D animation world, where imagination and creativity know no bounds. I experiment with a variety of character traits and personalities to concoct these quirky characters. There’s unlimited creative room and freedom for the mind to create any story you choose when storytelling. 
In this story, I decided to create 3, very different, fun-loving characters. Being able to create and build a character from the bottom up, is a very riveting process. Especially when all the characters need to work when intertwined together. Each of my characters was assigned very specific character traits that fit with their aesthetic. I chose these animals because while they realistically wouldn’t work well together, the freedom of creation allows them to. On these misfit’s journey, they travel through the City of Jewels causing chaos and scouring for gems. I aimed to use bright and fun colors to help visualize this wild adventure my characters embark on. 
This action-packed adventure was a thrill to create, and I'm so excited to share my creativity and imagination with the audience. I decided to go with a movie trailer to best showcase 2D animation as well as a mix of some fun motion graphics. Combining different forms is an exciting way to experiment and bring these stories and animations to life. 

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