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Think About It!
Think About It! is a campaign aimed to promote small instances of creative thought through silly and interactive prompts. Whether through a digital or physical medium, we hope to help people exercise their creative minds in ways that are digestible to those who struggle with creativity or to those who don’t believe they can be creative.
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Artist/Thesis Statement
Creativity is not exclusive. There are a large number of people in today’s world who believe creativity is a natural gift, unobtainable to those whom it does not come naturally. The goal of this project is to make it clear that there are plenty of ways to be creative. The best part is, there is no wrong way to be creative.
Many of my friends never considered themselves creative people, and it would always annoy me hearing them say that. For some people, it often becomes an excuse to avoid creativity all together. Nobody is going to bother to be creative if they are constantly telling themselves that they aren’t capable of it. Think About It! aims to challenge this way of thinking. You do not have to be the next Pablo Picasso to try a hand at painting. You do not have to be the next Edgar Allen Poe to write a few lines of poetry. You don’t even need to do anything more than use your imagination to be creative. Developing your creative mind only means to use it, even in the smallest capacity!
Think About It! uses simple prompts to encourage people to think creatively, but what is a prompt? A creative prompt is a question with no universally correct answer. If I asked you what you think a toaster oven might look like in 100 years, you would have to use your creative mind to explore those possibilities, there is no wrong answer. A prompt is a simple and easy way of getting someone to use their imagination. Making it silly and fun also makes it engaging.  As you see prompts used throughout this project, I encourage you to engage your creative mind. How would you answer them? All you need to do is Think About It!
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