Kourin Breen
More Than
A Diagnosis
More Than A Diagnosis is a week-long symposium created to educate a neurotypical audience about neurodivergence and neurodiverse allyship from the neurodivergent perspective
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Artist/Thesis Statement
Neurodiversity is a topic with little education and many misunderstandings. As a person with Autism Spectrum Disorder, I have found that of the many diagnoses within Neurodiversity, most people only know about Autism. Even Neurotypical Allies who have ‘knowledge’ often unintentionally learn through harmful organizations such as Autism Speaks, which focuses on curing neurodivergence, which is a harmful thought process that stems from a belief that Neurodiverse people are broken or pitiful and in need of fixing.
More Than a Diagnosis (MTAD) is a week-long symposium working to provide a place of education and acceptance. This is an opportunity for neurotypical people to learn directly from Neurodiverse people about their diagnoses, how it affects their daily lives, and the challenges they face because of their conditions. MTAD wants to create a world full of allies and equal opportunities for neurodiverse people. More Than a Diagnosis provides this understanding through lectures and open discussions held by Neurodiverse people speaking about their experiences, and interactive booths/events to give people an experience similar to those experienced in day-to-day life by Neurodiverse people.

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