Suellen Guerreiro
Invisible Language
Invisible Language is a project about color and its evolution and impact throughout history, educating viewers of color and everything that is beyond what we see. Our evolution as humans has changed through the urbanization of our societies, in technology, cultural advancements and the languages we speak; changing our overall experience of color.  
Artist/Thesis Statement

As artists and designers we look at color as something so obvious and natural in our lives. The progression of color through history and the advances in modern technology have significantly changed the way we see color today. Color has adapted throughout many generations into the colors that we are accustomed to in our current everyday lives. Invisible Language looks directly at how industrialization has changed the world’s palette, adding an array of synthetic hues to the more natural color scheme the world was once accustomed too. Think about how there were no neon colors back in the 1800s. This has shifted human vision and experiences, adding shades to how we see the world. 
The idea of color should be ambiguous to us. Colors can make us feel different things, depending on their values, ranges, and the environments they are in. The color red being used in a logo can be a sign of danger in some countries, but inflict a presence of power in others. That is exactly what made me so fascinated about color. Although science and psychology has expanded the information we already know about color, we should still be thinking deeper about color itself. How color affects our beings, how color is essential in design, and how color ultimately has shifted our visual perception.

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