Erin Kerr
The Station Theater
The Station Theater is a community theater where we provide accessible programs to the public to help them express their voice. We believe theater is for everyone and impacts all parts of life. Our space acts as a 3rd place, somewhere that exists outside of work and the home where people can come together and make connections.
Artist/Thesis Statement
I was a quiet kid. I spoke softly, never raised my hand in class, and made friends because I was lucky enough to be adopted by an extrovert. In the second grade I found myself in a community theater after school program. Here I confronted my worst nightmare, being on stage, asked to project my voice, to make eye contact, be the center of attention, and be unafraid to take up space. For some reason, I loved it. As the years went by my confidence grew and I became comfortable on stage and taking up space.
I decided to create a theater company for my senior project. I want to show others how theater can make an impact. The Station Theater aims to provide people with a community, a space where they can learn new skills and make connections. Choosing this topic is a way to recognize where I came from while also showcasing my current skills to get me to where I want to go.

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