Amara Thou
Heart To Heart
project website/social
Heart To Heart broadens the awareness of mental health struggles by providing ways for friends to talk online, listen to stories through a podcast and receive tangible items as a form of comfort. Our podcast consists of 4 episodes pertaining to interview with anonymous youth ages 17 to 22 who share their raw experiences with mental health.
Artist/Thesis Statement
What is mental health and why is it important?
This seemed to be one of the biggest social issues today and it leaves me puzzled. Why is it such a taboo topic and why do we tend to keep to ourselves about something so critical in our lives?
As someone who has experienced my own mental health issues — everything from hospital experiences to meds to therapy — I aim to help others. To help them understand that someone else sees them. To show them that many others even of various backgrounds, upbringings and personal experiences, all share one thing; we all struggle with something.
The Heart To Heart Podcast was modeled and made for youth who have gone through any type of mental health struggle, severe or not, younger or older, they were all heard. I asked several people in an intimate and heartfelt conversation, their life experiences and opinions.
This project consists of social media developed to advertise the podcast. A website hosting the podcast and crucial resources. As well as, deliverables including stickers, posters, postcards, motion graphics and custom merch.
Interactive Website Prototype

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