Jairo D Cabrera
DEVI, a Horror Fantasy animated short in which a field trip into the Nepalese mountains turns into a fight for survival between the college student and a nature deity through its fantasy realm. Incorporating personal interpretations of Hindu mythology while exploring themes of isolation, faith, and entropy. DEVI was produced with Adobe Animate and Photoshop, featuring an original soundtrack composed by Rachel and Abimael Torres. Starring Lucas Lustenberger as the alluring antagonist Madana.
Artist/Thesis Statement
In order to become the best artist I can be, I've grown accustomed to challenging myself with different mediums and methods. Sculpture has become a means by which to exercise form and structure. To really understand how something is made and why, I build skills and knowledge of creating with programs such as Autodesk Maya, or using clay and wire in more traditionalist methods. However my true passion lies in my 2D work. It is where I can create more structure, relying on line, form, contrast, and motifs such as plants, human form, and animals.
Using pencil on paper to illustrate organic forms both nature and anatomy, I capture an ethereal beauty taking direct inspiration from folk tales and indigenous cultures. Through detailed pencil illustration I explore themes of sexuality, death, rebirth, and nature via the human form.   Art Nouveau has been a major influence in defining my style and content, and I also take inspiration from the supernatural and mythological

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