Christian J. Flaherty
Microscopic Edition ​​​​​​​
Paraside: Microscopic Edition is a biology-themed computer game OOZING with punkish flair and bizarre organisms! Frame-by-frame animation brings every corner of this fluorescent flesh-scape to life, from acid-soaked beaches to the graffiti-stained tips of a tapeworm tundra. Play it and knock “chat with sapient pathogens” off of your bucket list! 
Artist/Thesis Statement
I’m a lover of bats, bugs, and everything spooky, serving up a biological beach trip starring some of the world’s craziest and most under-appreciated organisms! With Paraside: Microscopic Edition, you’re gonna ooze out of every orifice with blood, slime, and FUN! Immerse yourself in my high-energy Petri dish of punkish parasites and microbial pathogens, zipping through at mach speeds with your Venom Whirl and looting scabs for goodies! I yearn to revive that childlike mystique of everything feeling alien and limitless- because I believe that’s still true, with how many surprises nature has in store for us. Enjoy the weirdness, roll with it- that goes for life and this game! 
All my life I’ve loved the misunderstood weirdos in nature. They’ve got such creativity and character, and I dream of spreading appreciation for ‘em through my works! I focus on character designs oozing with toxic attitude and a sweetspot between humanity and alien charm- such as a gangster sickle cell spartan and fashionista tapeworm fairy! I think life is awesome, and embracing the weirder, morbid angles of our realities helps further celebrate the good things in our lives! 

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