Dhruvi Patel
Dhruvi Patel's VR interactive game, 'Bhavishyakaal,' aims to gather points, educate players about future scenarios and their impact on the environment, and unlock the mysteries of the past. She achieves interactivity through Unity engine and 3D models, delivering a powerful message of conservation and illustrating the potential future consequences on the world.
Artist/Thesis Statement
Dhruvi Patel is a student at UMass Lowell, studying Animation and Interactive Media with a minor in architectural studies. Her expertise lies in video editing and 3D modeling, skills she incorporates into her artwork and projects. Her paintings often center around themes of the environment and the future of our planet, immersing viewers in alternative futures while carrying a strong message of environmental conservation.
In addition to digital art, Dhruvi also practices conventional painting using pastels, watercolors, and creating digital portraits, with a consistent focus on backgrounds and environmental elements. Outside of her artistic pursuits, she enjoys photography and exploring new creative endeavors.
Dhruvi aims to provoke thought and speculation about the future through her artwork, prompting viewers to contemplate environmental issues and potential outcomes. Her professional focus revolves around creating 3D backgrounds for games and movies, particularly those with a futuristic theme. 
Her mission is to raise awareness about environmental issues and inspire action, advocating for small steps towards conservation in everyday life.

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