Cody O'Bryant
Apple 2024
Apple 2024 takes a look at the past, present and future, and gives viewers a glimpse into a not so far off dystopian society we are currently building. A world where social media addiction peaks and is capitalized on to keep users from thinking for themselves. 
Artist/Thesis Statement

In 1984 Apple released a commercial advertising their Macintosh computer as a device that will pave the way for creativity and promote individuals. The commercial displayed a dystopian society where everyone was the same. With the growth of Apple, the iPhone, and social media we have lost our individuality. The 1984 commercial was just foreshadowing the future.
Social media is a great way to express yourself, keep yourself entertained, and stay in touch with friends and family. Unfortunately, social media is extremely addictive and most of us are suffering with this addiction without even realizing it.  In our society it’s common to see people walking around like zombies, focused only on their phones and oblivious to the world. We spend hours on YouTube and TikTok consuming media, escaping the world around us, and ignoring our daily responsibilities. Posting on social media and receiving positive responses releases the chemical dopamine into our bodies, the same chemical that’s released when you do cocaine. 
We get high through social media and don’t see a problem. We don’t view social media as a true addiction. Apple 2024 looks at social media addiction, calling out the addiction and shedding light on it, showing viewers the dystopian reality that we have created and how it affects our everyday lives without us even realizing.

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