Jessica Kramer

Divination is a 3D interactive experience created to introduce people to my take on the spiritual practice of bone throwing. It is a user-friendly way to learn about the use of divination without needing to spend money on supplies or lessons. Anyone can benefit from the clarity brought by this exercise.
Artist/Thesis Statement
Recently I have become passionate about spiritual practices and the experience has been an overwhelmingly positive one for me, which made me want to share the knowledge with others. The intention of this project is to take a practice of divination, which can be intimidating to learn and cost-prohibitive to many, and present it in a way that is more accessible. I chose the art of bone throwing and replicated it in a 3D interactive experience that is as accurate as possible while remaining original. My main focus has been on asset creation and environment building, adding tiny details throughout related to the origins of the craft. The user will be provided with instructions, a symbol key, and some example readings to get started.
All assets were created in Autodesk Maya and textured in Adobe Photoshop, which has all been brought into Unity 3D where the physics engine and some coding has been used to implement as lifelike an experience as possible. The final product will be accessible through a web application. Additionally, I have teamed up with a composition major to create a suitable ambient soundtrack that will be playing on a loop.
I have always been attracted to 3D art as a medium including interactive media, animation, and 3D printing. It is immensely rewarding to me like no form of art has been and my hope is to capture the magic of the medium and help the viewer fall in love with it too. Combining 3D art with spiritual practices intrigued me because it creates a way for others to try divination without being intimidated. Even those who do not believe in spirituality can use this as a mindfulness exercise in self reflection and guidance for the future.

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