Hanwen Zhang
Cold Violence
Born in China, she is a pure art major, especially good at oil painting. Favorite type of art is decorative material art. She will finish her Bachelor of Fine Arts at UMass Lowell in May 2022, and she will successfully get her graduation certificate.
Artist/Thesis Statement
Most of Hanna's works are installation art. Because Hanna said she really likes different types of artistic expression, she believes that art is actually a language. A way of expressing emotions. Her work Cold Violence is actually a kind of silent art. The so-called cold violence is a particularly oppressive form of artistic expression. After seeing the work, people will have a deep feeling of oppression and sadness. In fact, Cold Violence is a very emotional work. So she wants to bring that kind of visual impact to the audience through this form of installation art. She believes that it is difficult to interpret the meaning of this subject in painting. Only through this "special" artistic expression can the audience get a better artistic experience and visual effects
For the new subject, I want to express the theme through Installation art and the Performance art. My theme Cold Violence is exactly what I want to describe, because loneliness is a typical factor in the occurrence of Cold Violence. Loneliness is the root cause of Cold Violence. Since this topic involves the art installation, I made last semester, I think it is possible to combine the performance art and art installation to complete this relatively large project. For the performance art, I choose to set up my objects and bring people who are willing to help me with my show. I mean the video can also bring people a vivid feeling and let them feel even deeply inside to my theme and given them a better understanding. It also will bring people’s attention to my project. Furthermore, I want to try different materials to choose my theme, I want to use fabric as the background, and then cover it with rose petals, and use rose petals and roses to highlight my theme. Because roses are a typical cold and violent theme element. Fallen petals represent the fall of life. My theme of Cold Violence is filled with such a kind of pressure, sadness, and indifference to life. So, I feel it is a very suitable way of material selection. Black velvet with blue and white or dark red petals is a color match. In terms of color matching, I prefer dark-colored fabrics with light-colored petals. Black gives a depressing feeling. Light-colored petals can highlight the meaning of this theme and make it clearer and more intuitive. So, this is my purpose for the color choice.
I think for Cold Violence, whether it is performance art or installation art, it is not important. What is important is a kind of idea that can be expressed to the audience through art.
Special thanks to Lily and Brooke for performing in the Cold Violence video.

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