Ennio Gonzalez
Close Shore
Close Shore is a 3D animation about a fantasy afterlife. The main character Albert transitions into this new afterlife with a newly acquainted friend, Mae. Together these two go on an adventure to find what Albert’s new life has in store for him.
Artist/Thesis Statement
My senior studio project is a 3D animation based on my graphic novel with an original story. This animation is titled “Close Shore” and it follows the adventure of Albert, a shy, little skeleton that finds himself in the afterlife called the Close Shore after he dies. Upon arriving he meets a ghost named Mae that gives him a new purpose in life. Together they go on an adventure to see what the new afterlife has to offer for Albert. I’ve had an interest in the afterlife for a majority of my life, my mother is interested in the day of the dead which I picked up. It was pushed further when the film “Coco” came out. On top of that I’ve been fascinated by CGI in 2D animation. Seeing shows and movies emulated 2D with 3D graphics is an appealing visual to me and I wanted to recreate that in my animation. I also enjoy storytelling and building up backstories for different worlds and characters. My animation only covers an introductory section to the story. The full story is about Albert finding out what it really means to live as well as the importance of bonds and connections with others and the struggles it brings. Overall, the story is fantastical but the idea behind it is relatable. Many let their life fly by and opportunities fade into the past. This animation is the beginning of an answer to a question, what would you do if you could do it all over again?

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