Sean Mulcahy
Memento Mori
Memento Mori is a campaign focused towards encouraging a conversation about death to help people talk about the challenges and struggles their facing to hopefully live a better life, because it’s not about what happens after you die, but what happens while you're alive. Memento Mori is a social media campaign and website where people can go for encouragement and to help them make the most out of the time that they do have.
Social Media
Artist/Thesis Statement
Growing up I always felt like I needed to hide my depression because no one wanted to ever talk about their feelings. If I ever had a death in my family, or a close call, or had thoughts about death; I was very cautious of everyone that would keep their distance from me and who was and wasn’t comfortable talking about death. Death is something that can’t be avoided. Whether it’s our own death or the death of those around us. Memento Mori is something in your life that reminds you of your death but not meant to be taken negatively, but instead as a positive tool in hopes that it can be used as inspiration to live a better life. The goal of Memento Mori was to use the conversation of death as a conversation starter and to talk about their lives. To make the most out of the time they do have left and to not take anything or time for granted. Death is something that we will all go through and is not something that we should ignore, but instead prepare for rather than being caught off guard.
Web Application
Process Book

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