Adam Feeney
Kicks Back
The company Kicks Back is dedicated to confronting childhood poverty in America head on, by gathering new and lightly used sneakers for children ages 8 – 13. The goal is that no less economically privileged kids will feel insecure when back-to-school time comes around. There is also a charity race to help raise funds that will propel us throughout the year.
Artist/Thesis Statement
Growing up, I was always taught the importance of giving back throughout my extensive time as a boy scout. These experiences helped me gain a perspective larger than myself, and when coming up with an idea for my project, I had the desire to continue the urge to give back while merging that urge with another interest of mine— sneakers.
Kicks Back hopes to give back to the less fortunate with something that all children can be excited about receiving— new sneakers. Unfortunately, just under one in five children in the United States alone are living in poverty. Kicks Back is determined to help lower that number by making back-to-school time something that no kid has to worry about!
The target demographic is children in need ages eight through thirteen. Everyone knows how brutally honest young kids can be, and we aim to alleviate any discomfort or bullying of less economically-privileged children. The shoes are not supposed to be reused hand-me-downs. The kids will be excited and gain confidence from a new pair of kicks.
Our first step in tackling this problem is a unique 5k race that will take place every April, and will raise the funds needed to operate year-round. Each runner will be sponsored by friends and family, and be eligible to win prizes! The race is a fun way to get the community involved in giving back for a common goal! After the race, the funds will be used with partner sneaker vendors in the Boston area. The company purchases discounted shoes in bulk, and also accepts new/lightly used shoe donations. In the late summer, families in need will have the shoes delivered to their houses, on time for the start of the new school year. Together, we can kick childhood poverty to the curb!

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