Evonna Antypas
My project is focused on informing people about the fast furniture industry and what it does to our planet. My brand helps counteract the negative effects by thrifting and up-cycling preowned furniture,
preventing them from going to a landfill. As well, my brand also provides guidance in curating their spaces with the recycled furniture at a low cost.
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Artist/Thesis Statement
Living either in dorms at school or in apartments on your own can be a struggle to find affordable furniture to make your living space feel like Home, and if you can relate a slight bit to this then Interior1 is the perfect fit for you. As a young adult and a full time college student like myself most of us can relate to having some financial issues during these few years being at school and on our own away from parental support.
Over the past couple years fast furniture has become a major problem in our environment, perfectly usable furniture is being tossed out everyday for new and modern fast manufactured furniture. You can find many items on sidewalks and streets and if they actually do end up off the streets, the furniture ends up in landfills instead and it can sit there for years because they don’t decompose fast enough, so much for being called “fast” furniture. Our goal is to help you and our planet at the same time, you benefit from decorating your home while also helping the planet with decreasing the percentage of mass furniture production and abandonment.
We strive to make everyone feel comfortable living in their own space, this goes by helping individuals learn about designing their space to their unique personality, that can be achieved by shopping locally and affordably at thrift stores, antique stores, or even finding furniture on the side of the street, like the saying goes “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. We can help you learn more about shopping vintage and up-cycling furniture to your unique taste.

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