Antonio Netto
Curse of Asgard
Curse of Asgard is a concept art book based on a fictional video game inspired by the Dark Souls franchise and the dark fantasy genre. Set in the world of Norse mythology, Curse of Asgard follows a warrior of no renown as they are suddenly chosen by the Gods of Light to defeat the King of the Gods turned evil, Odin. Odin, by means of using a cursed flame that engulfs the realms and every living creature, aims to bring upon Ragnarok to destroy everything. Unleashed into the dying realms, the warrior must embark on a perilous journey to save the realms and their inhabitants from destruction.
Artist/Thesis Statement
When deciding what kind of project to make for my senior year, I found that I wanted to challenge myself to improve and pursue concept art and character designs. I wanted to create a concept art book based on things I like and books I grew up reading. I decided that I wanted to do a fictional video game that is inspired by the Dark Souls video game franchise and Norse mythology, which I grew up reading Percy Jackson and Magnus Chase books. In this book, I explored the interesting world of Norse mythology in a cold, macabre dark fantasy setting. I believed these two things would make a great combination for a new world and hopefully one day, a new game.
This project is the culmination of a year of hard work and inspired dedication to improving and to pursue a new career path. I wanted to show these aspirations through my art and I hope to spark that same feeling into other artists to keep working and not give up. 

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