Nick Selfridge
Stressless Guitars
We all enjoy listening to music, but try actually playing it yourself. Once you start, you won’t want to look back. Stressless Guitars is a stringed instrument brand working in conjunction with existing music brands in an effort to promote the mental and physical benefits one can obtain from learning to play an instrument. As well as show how easy it can be to get started and get hooked on it!
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Artist/Thesis Statement
Listening to music is something that virtually everyone on the entire planet does, and for many reasons. We may feel the same way that the artist does, and we listen to their music so that we know that we are not alone, that there is someone else who feels just like us. Or we listen to music for the ‘feel good’ aspect of it; for me listening to blink 182 or Green Day while driving during the summertime is magical. We all love music, but some of us wonder what it must be like to actually make that music as I have in the past. From personal experience, it is enlightening. It gave a sense of power and inspiration, it helped me express to others what kind of a person I really am. After having played one chord, I really wanted to expand upon it. Then after a while, some started to appreciate what I was doing and the most common response was: “I wish I could do that, but I’m not good enough.” The fact of the matter is I believe everyone is good enough to play music they just don’t give it enough of a chance. I  know this from experience. I wasn’t as inspired at a younger age to pursue music so I stopped because everything I was being taught just didn’t peak my interest. Eventually after learning a few full-sounding chords, I was more inspired by that. Stressless Guitars stands for inspiration as well as the mental health and performance benefits of playing an instrument. I want others to see that starting out with the simplest of exercises will be inspiring and lead to fairly quick advancement in the musical arts.
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