Fifi Wang
Oasis is an organization that provides resources, services, and curates events to connect humans and nature.
Artist/Thesis Statement
Do you remember the last time you were immersed in the sound and smell of nature? The smell of trees, the sound of water, and simply enjoying the inner peace. Urbanization has led most people to spend their entire day in a fast-paced urban life. Getting close to nature has become an extravagant desire, and the long-term pressures of academics, work, lack of physical activities, blaring sounds of cars, loud voices, unpleasant environments, and unhealthy nutrition have left many people devoid of vitality. Connecting with nature is a way of bringing peace amidst our busy technology-centric lives. 
Oasis connects humans and nature, through a series of activities such as seed paper planting, nature photographing, crafting with natural materials, scavenger hunts, camping, hiking, and creating strong relationships and bonds with the members of the community. The Oasis website provides forest and horticultural therapy that leads people to higher relaxation and peacefulness. Visitors to the Oasis website can access a wealth of resources and articles discussing the benefits of nature. Additionally, they can register for events designed to provide immersive experiences in natural environments.
My project aims to visually captivate, inspire, and showcase the beauty of nature while emphasizing the vital interaction between humans and the natural world. In light of efforts to restore the food chain and enhance biodiversity, many individuals are transitioning their yards or properties to feature native species. In my design, I incorporated primary green shades of photographs and playful illustrations. I chose photographs for their powerful ability to communicate and tell stories, evoking emotions and narratives. To infuse a touch of playfulness, subtle illustrations interact with the photographs. By employing photographs, I aim to cultivate a deeper appreciation for nature and spark a heightened attraction to it. Importantly, viewing images of nature and green spaces has been shown to significantly benefit mental and physical well-being.

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