Declan O'Brien
Experience is a traveling pop-up creative club focused on partnering with smaller cities with untapped creative talent. It gives designers, artists, musicians, and businesses a platform to show off and create an Experience that brings the community together in a positive way. 
This is an interactive prototype, take some time to explore.
Artist/Thesis Statement
We live our lives through experiences: learning, adapting, and living. Every day is full of new experiences that shape our lives and personalities into what makes us who we are. What if we could create a positive experience that Sparks a creative revitalization community. The purpose of Experience is to connect artists, cities, and that city’s population, and to rejuvenate a once unwanted or unused space into something a place where creative collaborations and interchanges can grow.  
Experience is all about helping the city and local businesses. Partnering with cities, we travel across the United States transforming abandoned/unused buildings, bring in local creatives, and businesses to transform them into unique spaces. The transformative process takes one month. At, the end of that month the installation is open to the public where a 3-day Experience party is held to show off the space, creatives, and business involved. Experience brings in hundreds of people from all around the state exposing them to otherwise unknown artists. By providing a platform to these creatives and revitalizing a unused space, we are promoting creativity and collaboration between artists, businesses and there community.

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