A senior capstone project of a student who didn't think she'd ever see college graduation. REMARKABLE was created to bring joy and laughter into the dark reality of being sick, having surgeries, and the long recovery process. You must remember that if you made it to the recovery process, then you are remarkable. Not everyone is as lucky as you are, so this is here to help you see the light in this dark time, help pull you through and push you to keep on going.  You are remarkable.
101 Ways You Could've Got Your Scar
Artist/Thesis Statement

A scar simply means you are stronger than whatever tried to hurt you. It’s a mark of pride. Unfortunately, other people have been in your shoes but didn’t make it. Your marks prove that you are remarkable. With scars come the concerns of self-confidence and self-esteem. Some people are born with deformities or acquired their scars from young and have been dealing with them their whole lives while others encounter these scarring experiences out of the blue and need to adapt to their new appearance. Regardless, people see a scar and wonder, stare, and may potentially start asking questions. This is where Remarkable comes in. Instead of hiding your scars, rock them! Remarkable is here to help you laugh through these hard times and realize you are above other people’s insensitivity. Remarkable is here to arm you up with a queue of funny and sarcastic remarks to make someone laugh and realize they shouldn’t be asking such personal questions. So, if someone gives you a look or any lip, knock’em with what they don’t want to hear; it’s none of their business in the first place! The goal is to bring light to such a difficult and dark topic as scars. A place that tends to be very dark are hospitals so Remarkable will have a home in hospital gift shops. A time that tends to be very dark is recovery so Remarkable is mostly an online platform to connect and join online communities, and to read and share remarkable stories, and for sending gift boxes to your loved ones to bring them light. You have gone through so much and deserve to laugh. Scars tell stories and you decide what they say. 
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