Kat Donovan
The Curious Adventures
of Bee & Boo
Bee and Boo are two students starting at university. Coping with the stresses of being young adults, they explore the world around them in mischievous ways. Follow along in their ephemeral adventure and help navigate their curious environments!
Artist/Thesis Statement
The Curious Adventures of Bee & Boo is Kat’s two-semester animated, interactive story project. As one of her first projects in frame by frame, drawn 2D animation, Kat has had the joy of developing her experience in this medium and growing as a 2D artist. Using line drawings and black and white scenes, this project embraces a minimalist approach which allows the viewer to appreciate the precision given to each frame comprising the compilation of scenes throughout the story. 
Drawing from a narrative of her younger college experiences, a love for abstract character representation, and mischievous adventures, The Curious Adventures of Bee & Boo was born. Beginning with a depiction of an overwhelmed character, Boo, the viewer follows along as Bee and Boo decide to decompress with some curious adventures throughout their local world.

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