Kelly Rafferty
Identity in a
Digital Era
Identity In A Digital Era is a campaign built to inform younger audiences of the benefits and risks of artificial intelligence in their day to day lives. With technology advancing faster than it ever has before, it’s essential to create a distinction between human capabilities and technological advancements.
Artist/Thesis Statement
In the age of rapidly evolving technological advancements, the preservation of human agency and individuality begins to change. Social media and artificial intelligence are the biggest contributors to this. Initially, AI systems were created to reduce the amount of mundane and repetitive tasks we would normally have to carry out, and have now bled into our creative fields through generative painting and image making.
Through my project, I wanted to put together a campaign that communicates potential risks the future of artificial intelligence has in store for us. Although unpredictable, AI isn’t necessarily something to fear, but to stay informed of. Its influence throughout human history has changed so drastically in such a small period of time, we have to wonder how much farther it can go, and how we can learn to place human agency and intuition at higher importance.

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