Ronald Gladson
Running Late
Ronald Gladson is an animator who comes up with many stories and concepts. He dreams of bringing those concepts he has in his head to life. And what better way than with the power of animation? A medium that gives stories a form with unique colors, movement, and style. Through his evolving art style, he uses the properties of both 3D and 2D animation to give form and atmosphere to the stories he wants to tell.

Artist/Thesis Statement
The animated short, Running Late, is based on one of Ronald Gladson’s past storyboards created during one of his classes. We follow a girl named Bird, who wakes up late, misses her ride to school, and runs to class on foot. This scenario sounds like a basic “late to class” story. Right? Well, it would have been if it weren’t for the fact that the journey takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, filled with fascinating yet deadly creatures, gadgets, and gizmos straight from a steampunk-fantasy, and terrains that challenge one’s survival. Suddenly, that “late to class” story became a little more deadly.
Using both 2D for its characters and 3D for its environment, as well as an art style inspired by Ghibli and the Netflix Tv-show, Hilda, this animation uses both mediums to narrate the story of the world in Bird’s everyday life as she goes through a post-apocalyptic landscape. My intent is for the viewer to have fun as they watch Bird go on a comedic and thrilling journey through the post-apocalypse to get to her class.

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